Monday, February 8, 2010

I just realized I haven't written anything in like forever. I have been very busy I can't even believe that i am already into February. After the holidays i always feel like I'm cluttered and there is clutter around me. The presents that never get put in there spots, just left there in the box hoping someone else would get tired of looking at them ant put them away. Then the after the holiday get togethers with people that you didn't see during the holiday which generates more excess laying around the house. When will I get to it??????

With my girls in the 3rd and 4Th grade, they have a few book reports due each month. So, when we went to tackle there room I realized that they had a huge collection of books that the girls say they will not read again. So we gathered them up and took them to half price books. They buy used books which is great because they have a huge selection of older books and newer books to purchase. So the girls were able to pick out a few books for there upcoming reports and they found them in the dollar bin. Whoo hooo!

Closets. Need I say more? everything get thrown in the closet. The girls feel like if they can stuff it in there and close the door WA La its clean. I, However, do not feel the same way. I tried to explain to them that it would be much easier to find things if their closet was neat and organized. They look at me with disbelief. So they did not clean it and in return when they came to me, " mommy I cant find my gym shirt!" I said, " Well, its somewhere in your closet." So we cleaned there closet and to there amazement they can find their stuff with out screaming at me through the house. Now them staying on top of it is another issue.

I did try a few new recipes which came out well. I have to say that my fudge icing was rather yummy. I made tortilla soup from a recipe I found by the Emril. it was supper yummy. I did not pay attention to the serving amounts which meant everyone got only one bowl. But is was still satisfying. I got this pan at Walmart that makes 12 mini cakes which are about the size of a piece of cake. I love this pan! Usually if I was going to slice myself a piece of cake my hunger or taste for the cake would determine the size of my slice. Now i don't feel like I am overdoing it. I love this pan! I call it my 100 calorie pan even though a slice of pineapple upside down cake is not 100 calories a slice I feel like it saves me from eating 100calories more!!