Monday, May 9, 2011


I Have gotten some amazing deals cutting coupons lately, Thank you Extreme couponing.  I have always cut coupons but i either left them at home or put them in my purse and forget to use them.  Yesterday I went to Walgreen's and got some amazing deals. 

4 each Clean and Clear Body Washes = 1.99
2 each Lysol Bowl Cleaner = 1.99
2 each Colgate 360 brushes = .50
2 each Arm and Hammer Detergent = 5.10
2 each Purpose Face wash = 2.00
2 each Listerine Mouthwash= 2.00
  I had to also pick up a few other things and I had received all these register rewards for buying the stuff
Folgers coffee
Bag of Potting soil
Blue nail polish (for my daughter)
So my Grand total was.  $22.99

I saved 50 bucks!!!! Think about this, I bought 19 items this was like shopping at the dollar store for name brand products minus the worry of why it landed on a dollarstore shelf!

I have watched Extreme couponing and let me say congratulations to those woman who can get 97% savings on their grocery bill!  I am happy with at least a 50% saving.

I feel accomplished!!!

Have a great day!