Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hi everyone!

So the New Year is right around to corner.  And of course its time to start thinking of your new resolutions.
I have been thinking about mine and of course along with the, I want to loose 10lbs and eat better I want to do something a little more different this year.

Has anyone thought about their resolutions?  I would love to hear about them!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I was given the opportunity  to review a great new product.  First you all know how I complain about doing laundry! Well, Who doesn't?  One thing I have stopped doing over the years is, adding fabric softener to my dedicates.  Why?  because it leaves streaks on my dark pants!  Maybe that's just me BUT while reviewing the new Purex Complete Crystal Softener I took a leap of faith that possibly this would not happen.  And, guess what? It didn't!  Everything looked great and smelled great I am so COMPLETEly excited!

And the smell is so great.  I even poured my last load amount in a small candle holder and my living room smelled so awesome!

Purex Complete Crystals Softener is definitely softener reinvented!  I have to tell you upon opening this great product in its awesome pack, i was definitely inspired to get down and dirty with my laundry. I love for my towels to feel and smell fresh.  but not enough softener you cant smell the aroma too much they feels greasy.

Did you know that the oily residue left behind by traditional fabric softener can interfere with the absorbency of the fabrics?   I didn't I took on the, oily feeling, for the better smell!  Also, Purex Complete Crystal softer if the first major fabric softener that is 100% safe to use on children's sleepwear as it does not impair the flame retardant qualities?  I ever even thought of my softener in anyway effecting my clothes!

You can find the product right now in Walmart!  Give it a try! 

Yes! 92% natural!!!! How great is that?!!!!!

I am so excited as this is my first review and such a great product to review.  This mommy gives Purex Complete Crystals Softener a 10!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Thursday, December 23, 2010


Its Crunch time People!  Only a day left to shop!!! Somebody HELP ME!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess What today is???

LAUNDRY DAY!! The never ending chore!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


UHHH!!!!! Need I say more!

My eldest had a podiatrist appointment today after noticing her ties were curling in and her knees were touching. She had a deformity. Great, My middle suffers from absent seizures and my eldest has a deformity. BUT we can stop any long term effects with some shoe guards.  Basically, she has a flat foot which could cause huge bunions. All of this can not stop but cannot get any worse with some shoe inserts that cost 350.00$.

I'm going to get her whatever she needs.  I will do everything in my power to make this right for her.

But a question for those who had parents who were not there or just didn't pay attention.  Those who had those parents know what I am talking about.  How did we escape all of the stuff that we now pay so much attention to?  The little things, in some cases,  that would go on unnoticed?  All of us are such great mothers for caring so much
kudos to all of us.  KUDOS!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time to relax

What a busy day it has been!  I always love to make a big breakfast on Saturday mornings. Today I tried to poach an egg, well that didn't go very well.  I wasted a 1/2 dozen of eggs before i decided to just give up.  I'm going to have to re watch Julie &Julia again!

I decided to scrub down the stove while the girls were at Girl Scouts. But you know when you decide to totally clean something it becomes a huge mess before it actually gets clean.  Yes, one of those simple tasks that should take 20-30 minutes but end up to be 3 hours.  Because once i decided to clean the stove, i decided to organize the pan cabinet which turned into organizing the plastics, silverware, utensils, baking, food cabinets.  Oh, and the fridge. By the time I was suppose to pick up the girls, an hour and half later, I was only done with two cabinets!  The plan was to do my grocery shopping before the girls had batting practice but that wasn't going to happen because my kitchen looked like a hoarder lived there.  So I came home finished cleaning the cabinets, never getting to the stove!  At least I know where everything is now!

So on to batting practice.  My oldest is getting so good at her stance she is really going to be a power hitter.  Of course I'm bias.  She is going to have a great season and is moving up a league.

By that time,  3:30  I figured I should make dinner then get to the store before this big storm hit.  The last thing I want to do is go out tomorrow!  Luckily right after I finished dinner, 5:00,  I had an unexpected visitor.  My dad!  I quickly made him a plate so he could sit with the girls and jumped on the opportunity to go to the store alone! Yay!  I came home finished cleaning the fridge and put the groceries away.  I was just about to sit down when the baby came out and said, "mommy I didn't do anything." OK, we all know what this means, right?  So I get up go in the other room and it smelt like smoke.  "What happened!?"  " I don't know I was watching Max and Rubie and the T.V. went POOF!"  My dad came in and investigated and sure enough the T.V. went POOF!. Great. Just Great.

Now the girls are showering and my dad left. The rain just turned into what looks like a blizzard with the duration of my post. I never got to laundry but at least my kitchen is spotless!

Have a good night everyone!


I bought my middle daughter this for christmas today.  I cant wait to use it!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Toys R Us

For anyone who plans on buying there child a tag Leap reader Toys r us has Buy 1 get 1 50% off.  This is great since they have the phonics 6 pack of books for 19.99.  That's 12 books for 30 dollars!  The regular character books are also in the deal and they are at 13.99 each. The pen is not on sale.  Best price I could find was on Amazon.  I purchased my daughters on Black friday at 24.99 at Target.  Get to it!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm sad to report that I am on my way to a size 12.... Damn those cocoa crispies!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I got my braces tightened today boo... hurts so bad hopefully 2 more months and they will be off! Vanity is tough!

Speaking of looks, I am so disappointed in myself! Over the summer I was really sticking to eating better, going for walks, trying to stay active and stuff and I went down to a size 8. I was so excited and stayed at that size all summer. Then In October I decided to clean out my closet. What a chore! So I got rid of all my size 10 and 12's and gave them to my sister. She's got some junk in da trunk! But a cute little waist! Soo anyways living the good life in my skinny jeans was heavenly! All of a sudden somewhere between Halloween and November 1st everything was tight! The muffin top was back! And with a vengeance!! I've been using the cute belts around my waist to hold in the muffin! I WANT MY SIZE 10'S BACK!!!! All these people in the magazines and weight loss shows telling us to, " Get rid of your comfy pants, throw them away Don't look back!" Must not have a daughter who's birthday is on Halloween, with constant pizza party's and late night candy binging! Ehh, and it doesn't stop there! I felt so guilty of my Halloween pleasures I got stuck in a week long binge. Hence the bigger size and using rubber bands to keep my size 8's shut! Whats a girl to do? Sooooo, I invited my sister over tonight to help decorate the tree and to make rice crispy treats with the kids! She accepted of course, who doesn't like rice crispy treats? She will be here at 6 with her laundry!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Monday!

What a slow going morning it has been and freezing! Well its a typical Monday for sure. Trying to get my self into work mode. it is really hard to do here sometimes because of you know who! I think i need to see a psychiatrist to figure out my problem with her. I am constantly telling my kids "worry about your self" why can I not follow my own advice?! I mean, Come on, I am a grown woman why does she get to me? So I have a few reasons I believe are my subconscious culprit.

1. she announced how much she gets paid. Who does this? Tell me one person who wasn't crunching those numbers in their head!
2. she is my age and still doesn't pay rent.
3. her ability to seem so busy when the boss walks through yet she is just on google chat. She always has a question ready too. My boss is to blame for this also. How can you not catch on after 3 years!!!!
4. Her horrible and when I say Horrible I mean HORRIBLE hygiene issues!! leaves dirty stuff everywhere!!

So these are just a few for now. I am going to continue to be pleasant for now I have to be, I have to feed my kids! Again, I do think this is a personal issue but i cant self diagnose myself. Until I can I will just have to believe it is all her and I'm a victim!!!

P.S. I am no longer allowed to get upset with my kids for loosing gloves for I have lost 3 pairs this month!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where did November go???

Seriously?! I felt like one week I was dressing up as a witch (no costume needed) and the next week I'm busy baking a succulent juicy turkey(not me but the man)! Now I am trying to figure out what to buy my kids for Christmas.

So, somewhere in November me and the boyfriend decided to set good examples for our children, who sometimes seem ungrateful, and decided to volunteer our time to some local facilities. First I started at our church. The woman, who took a week to call me back, tells me they make there schedule 2 months at a time and that I can be put on the next schedule for January and February. I'm like Great! So she asks, " What time would you like 10:00am-12:00pm, or 12:00pm-8:00pm?" I'm thinking what? This is a food pantry people, I assume, or going there because they are down and out on their luck, why are they not doing this after business hours??? I proceeded to tell the woman none of those hours worked for me because I worked those hours. "OH" "you work?" Uh YA! if I didn't I would be calling to see when I could pick up some food!!! So that Didn't work out, thanked her told her if things change give me a call.

So next I decided to try the Internet. And I found all these articles about how crappy people are for only wanting to volunteer during the holiday seasons and how its just guilt and blah blah blah. But, I just wanted to show my kids that it is good to give and not just receive. So I found a site that notifies you when an opening for a job opens up. Haven't heard a thing! So I am still working on it but for now I am just giving a dollar here and there to charities at the registers.

I did do a Turkey Trot on thanksgiving Morning. It was great! The proceeds benefited the epilepsy foundation, my daughter suffers from seizures, and it was put together beautifully. Thank god the cold front did not come through until after the race was over!

As for everything else! Co-worker is still driving me nuts! Have you ever just wanted to shake someone and tell them snap out of it? Ya, that's how I feel with her. But i think that her ways are permanent no shaking her out of it!

OHHHH Black Friday shopping!!!!!!!!! OMG I only bought for myself! Im horrible then had to stash it around the house so I don't get in trouble by the Man! heheheh my laptop will be here soon! Anyone know a good hiding place???

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long week!

Hasn't this week felt so long yet very busy? Maybe its just me. I have been trying to handle alot more calls at work. I know i can do it but I am so easily annoyed by a co-worker it is unreal. I never really allowed someone to bother me the way that she does but her day consists of pretending to be busy and she is so busy pretending to be busy when there is something of importance for her to actually do she wastes so much time doing it, it is insane sometimes. Ya, I could do the same thing BUT we are in SALES!!! Are you content with they money you have or do you want more?? I just don't get it at all. She tries her best to do absolutely nothing and she is good at it! which aggravates the hell out of me and then in turn effects the way I work. Uhhh tomorrow is a new day I will do my best to make my goals and not let her affect me!!

Any who..... Me and the girls made Rice crispy treats! So easy huh? It is really but this has been my first time making them with the girls. I think I always thought o them as messy so it wasn't something I really wanted to do. But we had a good time! And boy were they Delicious!!!

Got a long weekend ahead of us its my Oldest 11Th Birthday on Sunday! so busy busy busy.

I have been using the double X supplements from my website they are excellent! Loving the extra energy in the day and to know they are doing so much good for my insides is amazing! I'm on day 4 now so I'm supper excited it wasn't something that took weeks to kick in! Started my New eye cream last night too so I will let you know how that goes!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moving forward

Ahhhhh I haven't been here in so long!!! Heard that before somewhere??? so much has happened in the last 2 months. I had a few bad months at work so things have been tight at home. I really honestly felt like the whole economy thing had nothing to do with me I was living the same way I had been living. Bought a new car in June. Just no worries. Then it all happened. Work slowed down, the bills did not. All of a sudden, at the end of august, I was drowning in debt and with the kids just starting the new school year and all those costs it just hit me like a ton of bricks! It was on my mind how am I going to do this I had every intention to start looking into buying a house and now I'm broke! What am I going to do?!

So while drowning in misery my girlfriend called me for some advice. Now she is one of those girlfriends where you can not see them for 5 years but when you talk the conversation feels like you just spoke yesterday. Don't you love those friends! We were talking for a while and she told me how well her business was going. I'm like wait, What? What business? About a year before she had told me about an opportunity that she had and i had completely dismissed her.

Long Story short I went to a few info sessions and not only was it a great opportunity but the beauty products are AMAZING! She gave me a few samples of this eye cream and after trying it for a couple of days I immediately canceled my auto shipment with HSN! If I wasn't going to jump on the business opportunity she definitely got herself a customer!

The product was amazing and it came with a guarantee so I felt OK with trying a few products. With HSN I didn't need a trial I mean come on those Lady's on T.V. perfect skin just flawless I was ready to put on whatever they were using no questions asked! so why not!!

If you get a chance check it out
You will not regret it at all!
Please feel free to email any questions!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My babies

My baby started kindergarten Monday! It didn't hit me the way I thought it was going to. she seems so grown now. My oldest is in the 5Th grade and loving it and my middle in the 4Th grade. So proud of them. I guess you really don't think about them becoming independent until all of a sudden they are. I'm soooooo sad!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


So this morning my baby had kindergarten orientation. Whoa was it allot to take in. Where they come in and where they leave and who will be there. It was great that they put all that together for you! All your worries just don't seam as huge concerns anymore.

So this morning she is getting ready and my daughter she is one of those kids where nothing scares her she is ready for anything and she is a DIVA must lay out her clothes and accessories the night before! Thank God for the CPS dress code!!! khaki pants, blue or white shirt no fuss! Well she was so ready to meet her teacher.

We get there, tons of people crammed into a small hallway, I look over at her she is no longer smiling. I ask, " Are you excited to meet Mrs. Ryan?" she doesn't answer.
I can see she is looking a littler nervous so I just back off a little. We see one of her friends from daycare and she looks a little better. We then enter the room.

We hear everything the teacher has to say and i notice she looked a little sad but we sat at a table with her friend and his mom so she was smiling here and there. Then the meeting was over and all the kids started chatting and so did she! She looked over at Ryan, her friend, and said, "I think daycare is more fun than this!" he agreed. They were then looking around the room and she is like "Oh man! we got to do letters here!" " Wait where are the cots? Where do we take are naps at?" I told her she will be taking her naps at daycare. Her and Ryan kept staring back at eachother in disbeleif which was so cute cause they had no idea!

We go to the car and she says. "so when do I have to come here?" I said Monday. She said, " Well I will let you know if I am ready or not because I don't think I like this." Of course I'm cracking up inside but I knew how nervous she got.

I get her to daycare she is so excited I leave to work. 15 minutes later I get a call " Hi its Mary at the daycare, sorry to bother you but Yesenia just threw up, she seems OK I am pretty sure she just had a nervous stomach because she is fine now" so I talk to her. She informed me that all the butterflies that were flying around in her stomach at big girl school wanted out!! I love her!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I joined a new blogger book club where you sign up and sign up to read a book and then blog about it. I thought so cool I could save on books. But the selection was not too huge so I requested a spiritual book. We will see how it goes.........

Tomorrow my baby has meet the teacher I'm so excited!!! And all three girls start school on Monday!!! AHHHHHHHHH I haven't even bought school supplies yet! I have not been very organized lately I need to get on my A game! I think apart of me just hopes it will never come and my baby will not start school WAAAAAAAA. Oh Well time to let it go or she will attend her first day of school with a paper bag and a pencil with no eraser!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

One more thing!

I recently signed up for well they have coupons on there for allot of stuff but those preparing for back to school shopping there are coupons for the Clorox wipes, paper towels, and some odd and end items. The stuff I call " for the teacher to clean her house" AnyWho go print some. AND Walgreen's new coupon book come out on Sunday!!

Big Plans Tonight!!!

Whoa now! Big plans this evening. me and my sis are going to conquer the hill! I wish I had a picture to post. I have accomplished 2 5k this summer and I am very proud of myself. I want to do 2 more runs before the summer is over each time beating out my times. I am not athletic at all! No No! I am the opposite of that. I would rather sit at home and watch HSN eating Doritos with bean dip! But, This is something I must do! I don't know why i just want to. So I have a date tonight with my sister to accomplish a couple laps around what we call the hill. there is a path going around the hill to the top and then back down. At the top of the hill there are some benches to sit and look over "the city" which it is just a bunch of back yards. And in the middle of the hill is a small golf course. So this is what I am doing on my Friday night off from kids. Maybe I can fit in a oil change and some sushi while I'm at it!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New HSN fannatic!

So one night I was supper bored and was waiting for my significant other to arrive home from work. I was watching T.V. and nothing was on of course. We have an extensive list of cable channels we subscribe to but tell my why there is never ever anything on?! AnyWhooo... I changed it to the HSN channel some facial products they were showing and doing demos on. Now, when I think HSN I think of old ladies sitting at home with nothing to do on a Saturday night, rollers in their hair, big flowered moo-moo, petting there cat maybe drinking a beer but definitely drinking something in a smoke filled room with nothing but the T.V. lights. So not me!!
Anywhooo, this demo was amazing to me!! They put this stuff on the models face Firm-a-face, its almost looks like one of those peel masks. In like 20 sec this starts to dry and it looks like some one just pulled this models cheeks to the back of her head. I sit directly up in the bed and exclaim, "Holy $#!^!!!!! of course I have to rewind this because there had to be something i missed. Again and again This chicks face is tightening up. So then the lady is saying, rinse your face with cold water and blot dry. So, after that I'm like well I don't see no real difference lets see the before and after. I can say visible the only difference was her pores were a little smaller. Ehhh not so great. But then when I was about to change the channel they announce if you buy this kit, Yes! 8 products, we can auto ship it to you with payments of $24.95. Cancel whenever, send it back we don't care just try it. Now, me being the product whore that I am was already dialing my phone so fast because i could see the little counter at the bottom of the screen and I have to have one! Get through order mine I'm supper excited when I hear a jiggling of the door! Ahhh the boyfriend is home change it to A&E and act like "oh I was just about to fall asleep there is nothing on T.V." While my heart is beating like I just ran a marathon.
Well I got the products and I love them very much. I had every intention of canceling after my first shipment but I just love the stuff!

FYI....... I was not wearing a moo-moo when I had my first HSN experience I was wearing a "night shirt"


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Bakkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Geez it has been like forever!! Not that anyone listens to me anyways! Been super Busy this summer, and my has it flown by! Softball was excellant My oldest had an awesome season. They placed 1st place at the tournaments and season champs!!! I am so proud of her.

Now we are getting ready for school!!! Yes, in July! This year CPS decided to make my kids school a Track E school so they will be going year around with 3 extra long breaks!! So, The state is broke, but we are going to make the teachers work longer. So we will pay for crossing guards, meals, and whatever else they come up with for and extra month and a half out of the year instead of making there school day longer???? Maybe its me but when I went to school it was from like 8 a.m. till 3 p.m. my kids go to school from 8 a.m til 1:45pm I wonder whos wonderful idea it was to stuff more kids in a single room with no airconditioning for and extra month in the summer??? BUT now they can take water bottles to school, EXCELLANT problem solving skills these oficials have!!!!

My baby is going to start kindergarten this year too. tear tear! She is excited so I am going to try to be.

Well, I guess that is it for now.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I just realized I haven't written anything in like forever. I have been very busy I can't even believe that i am already into February. After the holidays i always feel like I'm cluttered and there is clutter around me. The presents that never get put in there spots, just left there in the box hoping someone else would get tired of looking at them ant put them away. Then the after the holiday get togethers with people that you didn't see during the holiday which generates more excess laying around the house. When will I get to it??????

With my girls in the 3rd and 4Th grade, they have a few book reports due each month. So, when we went to tackle there room I realized that they had a huge collection of books that the girls say they will not read again. So we gathered them up and took them to half price books. They buy used books which is great because they have a huge selection of older books and newer books to purchase. So the girls were able to pick out a few books for there upcoming reports and they found them in the dollar bin. Whoo hooo!

Closets. Need I say more? everything get thrown in the closet. The girls feel like if they can stuff it in there and close the door WA La its clean. I, However, do not feel the same way. I tried to explain to them that it would be much easier to find things if their closet was neat and organized. They look at me with disbelief. So they did not clean it and in return when they came to me, " mommy I cant find my gym shirt!" I said, " Well, its somewhere in your closet." So we cleaned there closet and to there amazement they can find their stuff with out screaming at me through the house. Now them staying on top of it is another issue.

I did try a few new recipes which came out well. I have to say that my fudge icing was rather yummy. I made tortilla soup from a recipe I found by the Emril. it was supper yummy. I did not pay attention to the serving amounts which meant everyone got only one bowl. But is was still satisfying. I got this pan at Walmart that makes 12 mini cakes which are about the size of a piece of cake. I love this pan! Usually if I was going to slice myself a piece of cake my hunger or taste for the cake would determine the size of my slice. Now i don't feel like I am overdoing it. I love this pan! I call it my 100 calorie pan even though a slice of pineapple upside down cake is not 100 calories a slice I feel like it saves me from eating 100calories more!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


you have to check out precious mama's blog.

Who knew that they sold breast milk online!! And that they do random testing on this milk?!?! Shouldn't this be approved by the FDA?! And who would buy the milk? You don't know what these people are doing to themselves and there bodies! Seriously in stead of whole milk you will have rich milk, 2% will me middle class, 1% will be poor and skim milk well the street walkers. And your going to buy this milk for your newborn baby?! I understand the importance of giving your newborn breast milk but to what extent?! Am i going to come out of the supermarket one day and there be a flyer stating,
Lactating mothers
$500 a week potential!

Seriously are they going to have breast farms now. Someone comes out and milks a new mom every 2 hours?

I have heard of clubs where you bring you baby and you sit in a circle and pass your baby to the right to the next mother and I thought that this was insane. Like who wants to feed another kid off their boob.

Not only that but at $2.00 an ounce!!! Octomom could be making bank!
Well this goes to show that you can put a price tag on anything