Friday, January 8, 2010


you have to check out precious mama's blog.

Who knew that they sold breast milk online!! And that they do random testing on this milk?!?! Shouldn't this be approved by the FDA?! And who would buy the milk? You don't know what these people are doing to themselves and there bodies! Seriously in stead of whole milk you will have rich milk, 2% will me middle class, 1% will be poor and skim milk well the street walkers. And your going to buy this milk for your newborn baby?! I understand the importance of giving your newborn breast milk but to what extent?! Am i going to come out of the supermarket one day and there be a flyer stating,
Lactating mothers
$500 a week potential!

Seriously are they going to have breast farms now. Someone comes out and milks a new mom every 2 hours?

I have heard of clubs where you bring you baby and you sit in a circle and pass your baby to the right to the next mother and I thought that this was insane. Like who wants to feed another kid off their boob.

Not only that but at $2.00 an ounce!!! Octomom could be making bank!
Well this goes to show that you can put a price tag on anything

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