Thursday, August 5, 2010


So this morning my baby had kindergarten orientation. Whoa was it allot to take in. Where they come in and where they leave and who will be there. It was great that they put all that together for you! All your worries just don't seam as huge concerns anymore.

So this morning she is getting ready and my daughter she is one of those kids where nothing scares her she is ready for anything and she is a DIVA must lay out her clothes and accessories the night before! Thank God for the CPS dress code!!! khaki pants, blue or white shirt no fuss! Well she was so ready to meet her teacher.

We get there, tons of people crammed into a small hallway, I look over at her she is no longer smiling. I ask, " Are you excited to meet Mrs. Ryan?" she doesn't answer.
I can see she is looking a littler nervous so I just back off a little. We see one of her friends from daycare and she looks a little better. We then enter the room.

We hear everything the teacher has to say and i notice she looked a little sad but we sat at a table with her friend and his mom so she was smiling here and there. Then the meeting was over and all the kids started chatting and so did she! She looked over at Ryan, her friend, and said, "I think daycare is more fun than this!" he agreed. They were then looking around the room and she is like "Oh man! we got to do letters here!" " Wait where are the cots? Where do we take are naps at?" I told her she will be taking her naps at daycare. Her and Ryan kept staring back at eachother in disbeleif which was so cute cause they had no idea!

We go to the car and she says. "so when do I have to come here?" I said Monday. She said, " Well I will let you know if I am ready or not because I don't think I like this." Of course I'm cracking up inside but I knew how nervous she got.

I get her to daycare she is so excited I leave to work. 15 minutes later I get a call " Hi its Mary at the daycare, sorry to bother you but Yesenia just threw up, she seems OK I am pretty sure she just had a nervous stomach because she is fine now" so I talk to her. She informed me that all the butterflies that were flying around in her stomach at big girl school wanted out!! I love her!!!!

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