Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bling Bling

So I went to a Park Lane Jewelry party last night and it was excellent!!  Has Anyone seen the Jewelry they have?   I love Jewelry, Love it.   But honestly, i work all week, I clean what I can when I can During the week I'm a busy Lady. Sure I throw on a nice bracelet now and again, maybe a necklace but I usually try to just get my clothes to match!  So while I was scrolling the different pieces I instantly fell in love.  I could envision the 2 different shirts that would match this purple jeweled necklace that had a this gorgeous gun metal chain.  And I started to think of how the one piece of jewelry could bring together my whole outfit.  So I bought a ring and a bracelet.  I was so excited coming home. So this morning I wanted to wear my new pieces to work.  And honestly I am not a nutcase but I had such a great day.  I felt put together I held my head up, a little higher than normal, It just put me in this hole different mood.  I even left it on while I cleaned my house in my joggers!

So this had me thinking.  I usually pick up a matching piece of jewelry when I go clothes shopping which is always at New York And Company.  And for around the same price but with much better quality I could get more Park Lane Jewelry.  AND this stuff is insured should it ever break they replace it NO QUESTIONS ASKED! 

I know I know, I am a product whore but this is some awesome jewelry!

I would like to know who has been to a party, bought some of the jewelry, or has just heard of the company?

If you haven't don't fret!  I have asked a representative to putt a few pieces together to feature on my blog YAY!  Hopefully I will have it up soon then we can all sit and blog together feeling fabulous!

Later Ladies

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    Sandie lee
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