Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bare Minimum

OK, last night I'm getting ready for bed. I did my 2 hour Ojon hair mask so the house smells like coffee beans and my kids are begging me to take a shower. I'm getting undressed and I think, Damn I need to shave my legs. OK, I say this too myself everyday. I mean its winter whats the hurry anyways? I'm showering and I'm thinking uhhh if I shave I'm going to miss the beginnings of Law and Order. I hate missing the first few minutes! If you miss the first few minutes then you might as well not watch the show! So then I start to think, man am I a procrastinator? No way, because I always get stuff done. So I am showering trying to get to the bottom of why I hate shaving my legs when its just something that has to be done. And this is what I came up with.

Every month I have to pay my credit card bills. And I hate paying the minimum payment. That's just the credit cards company's way of saying "ohh yay! 10 dollars for us 5 dollars for you!" So what I do is try to pay the minimum twice a month. This way if something comes up and i cant pay I've already made a payment that's at least the minimum. So I feel safe each month. Might not make sense to you but in my princess world it does.

Sooooo, a light bulb went on in my head. DING!!!

I'm just going to shave the minimum (up to my knee) and go watch law and order!

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