Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I think its getting serious!

Ok, so my boyfriend is in love with our tree. He is always cleaning around it, it has a watering schedule and I have heard him having a few conversations with it! You know, I'm not usually a jealous person but when my boy friend gets home from work and walks straight to the tree to check the water level instead of saying hello to me there is something going on. The other day he walked in and said "hey babe, How was your night?" I started to say, " Well it was....." " Not you I was talking to the tree." WHAT THE HELL! F'ing Biotch! " And now he is texting me from work to be sure I am giving her her nightly feeding?! Those text used to be to me! making sure I ate dinner and that I was OK. I'm starting to get a little jealous, I'm to a point where i have a plan to cypher the water from the tree holder, turn the heat up to 90, while in a t-shirt eating ice cream, and wait for the Bitch to burn. And this is happening in my house! He wouldn't even let us decorate her! Oh listen to me know like SHE is a part of the family!
So since I cannot burn the tree in my house, You know recession, cant burn my house down since I cant afford renters insurance. I figure ill go pick up a guy on the street, slap a Santa suit on his ass, and see how he feels when I'm sitting on his lap when he gets home from work!

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  1. i know how you feel, at time it's like i'm not even in the room. don't worry the biotch is time is almost over and it will be you having the last laugh. jealousy is for the insecure, not confident people like you and me. burn baby burn.