Thursday, July 29, 2010

New HSN fannatic!

So one night I was supper bored and was waiting for my significant other to arrive home from work. I was watching T.V. and nothing was on of course. We have an extensive list of cable channels we subscribe to but tell my why there is never ever anything on?! AnyWhooo... I changed it to the HSN channel some facial products they were showing and doing demos on. Now, when I think HSN I think of old ladies sitting at home with nothing to do on a Saturday night, rollers in their hair, big flowered moo-moo, petting there cat maybe drinking a beer but definitely drinking something in a smoke filled room with nothing but the T.V. lights. So not me!!
Anywhooo, this demo was amazing to me!! They put this stuff on the models face Firm-a-face, its almost looks like one of those peel masks. In like 20 sec this starts to dry and it looks like some one just pulled this models cheeks to the back of her head. I sit directly up in the bed and exclaim, "Holy $#!^!!!!! of course I have to rewind this because there had to be something i missed. Again and again This chicks face is tightening up. So then the lady is saying, rinse your face with cold water and blot dry. So, after that I'm like well I don't see no real difference lets see the before and after. I can say visible the only difference was her pores were a little smaller. Ehhh not so great. But then when I was about to change the channel they announce if you buy this kit, Yes! 8 products, we can auto ship it to you with payments of $24.95. Cancel whenever, send it back we don't care just try it. Now, me being the product whore that I am was already dialing my phone so fast because i could see the little counter at the bottom of the screen and I have to have one! Get through order mine I'm supper excited when I hear a jiggling of the door! Ahhh the boyfriend is home change it to A&E and act like "oh I was just about to fall asleep there is nothing on T.V." While my heart is beating like I just ran a marathon.
Well I got the products and I love them very much. I had every intention of canceling after my first shipment but I just love the stuff!

FYI....... I was not wearing a moo-moo when I had my first HSN experience I was wearing a "night shirt"


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