Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lap Top....Trivia???

I recently purchased an Acer lap top.  It is great but I'm wondering what helped you make a decision on which lap top you purchased???  For my regular desktop computer I decided to go with Dell because of course you hear great things about it.  I have until February to return my Acer and purchase the trusty Dell but I would like to know what brand of computer do all of you use and why??

I guess I am having second thoughts and need some advice.

Thanks Ladies!


  1. I have a Asus Eee netbook purchased it February 2009 after doing my own research & advise from my 18 year old nephew who knows much more about electronic then I do. He suggested Asus netbook because this company was the first one to make them & have high reviews. It's been almost a year & no problems, my sister bought one in May & my nephew just got one for Christmas. I needed a small light laptop to take with me & keep me occupied during my four hour antibody treatments. The battery life is also a plus. Sorry I don't know much about Acer, I had only purchased Dell's in the past with no issues with them either. Good luck on deciding what to do.

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  3. I have a Toshiba. My desktop is a Dell, and that is used for data storage, pictures, videos... that kind of thing. I like my toshiba laptop because it is small (I take it everywhere). I use it for all of my writing and skyping with my family at home.

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    I am in the process of looking for a laptop myself so I can't wait to see what your readers say!

    Cute blog!

  5. I really wanted a netbook but wasnt sure which one! Well I think I will be sending the Acer back and look into something else.

    thanks everyone!