Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I got my braces tightened today boo... hurts so bad hopefully 2 more months and they will be off! Vanity is tough!

Speaking of looks, I am so disappointed in myself! Over the summer I was really sticking to eating better, going for walks, trying to stay active and stuff and I went down to a size 8. I was so excited and stayed at that size all summer. Then In October I decided to clean out my closet. What a chore! So I got rid of all my size 10 and 12's and gave them to my sister. She's got some junk in da trunk! But a cute little waist! Soo anyways living the good life in my skinny jeans was heavenly! All of a sudden somewhere between Halloween and November 1st everything was tight! The muffin top was back! And with a vengeance!! I've been using the cute belts around my waist to hold in the muffin! I WANT MY SIZE 10'S BACK!!!! All these people in the magazines and weight loss shows telling us to, " Get rid of your comfy pants, throw them away Don't look back!" Must not have a daughter who's birthday is on Halloween, with constant pizza party's and late night candy binging! Ehh, and it doesn't stop there! I felt so guilty of my Halloween pleasures I got stuck in a week long binge. Hence the bigger size and using rubber bands to keep my size 8's shut! Whats a girl to do? Sooooo, I invited my sister over tonight to help decorate the tree and to make rice crispy treats with the kids! She accepted of course, who doesn't like rice crispy treats? She will be here at 6 with her laundry!


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  2. Hello, I found you on a Blog site. I enjoyed your Blog and now I am following you. Please stop by the Blog Hop I am hosting as we have lots of prizes to giveaway and it is on 2 Blogs

  3. I would be getting those jeans back from the sister. I can't tell you how many times I have done that and wished I hadn't. Luckily it seems me and my sister take turns being big. It is about my turn for the skinny jeans again! :)

    Great blog! Following you from MBC