Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where did November go???

Seriously?! I felt like one week I was dressing up as a witch (no costume needed) and the next week I'm busy baking a succulent juicy turkey(not me but the man)! Now I am trying to figure out what to buy my kids for Christmas.

So, somewhere in November me and the boyfriend decided to set good examples for our children, who sometimes seem ungrateful, and decided to volunteer our time to some local facilities. First I started at our church. The woman, who took a week to call me back, tells me they make there schedule 2 months at a time and that I can be put on the next schedule for January and February. I'm like Great! So she asks, " What time would you like 10:00am-12:00pm, or 12:00pm-8:00pm?" I'm thinking what? This is a food pantry people, I assume, or going there because they are down and out on their luck, why are they not doing this after business hours??? I proceeded to tell the woman none of those hours worked for me because I worked those hours. "OH" "you work?" Uh YA! if I didn't I would be calling to see when I could pick up some food!!! So that Didn't work out, thanked her told her if things change give me a call.

So next I decided to try the Internet. And I found all these articles about how crappy people are for only wanting to volunteer during the holiday seasons and how its just guilt and blah blah blah. But, I just wanted to show my kids that it is good to give and not just receive. So I found a site that notifies you when an opening for a job opens up. Haven't heard a thing! So I am still working on it but for now I am just giving a dollar here and there to charities at the registers.

I did do a Turkey Trot on thanksgiving Morning. It was great! The proceeds benefited the epilepsy foundation, my daughter suffers from seizures, and it was put together beautifully. Thank god the cold front did not come through until after the race was over!

As for everything else! Co-worker is still driving me nuts! Have you ever just wanted to shake someone and tell them snap out of it? Ya, that's how I feel with her. But i think that her ways are permanent no shaking her out of it!

OHHHH Black Friday shopping!!!!!!!!! OMG I only bought for myself! Im horrible then had to stash it around the house so I don't get in trouble by the Man! heheheh my laptop will be here soon! Anyone know a good hiding place???

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