Tuesday, December 14, 2010


UHHH!!!!! Need I say more!

My eldest had a podiatrist appointment today after noticing her ties were curling in and her knees were touching. She had a deformity. Great, My middle suffers from absent seizures and my eldest has a deformity. BUT we can stop any long term effects with some shoe guards.  Basically, she has a flat foot which could cause huge bunions. All of this can not stop but cannot get any worse with some shoe inserts that cost 350.00$.

I'm going to get her whatever she needs.  I will do everything in my power to make this right for her.

But a question for those who had parents who were not there or just didn't pay attention.  Those who had those parents know what I am talking about.  How did we escape all of the stuff that we now pay so much attention to?  The little things, in some cases,  that would go on unnoticed?  All of us are such great mothers for caring so much
kudos to all of us.  KUDOS!!!


  1. Agreed! Seeing someone be wonderful at something when they didn't really have the role model to show them how to do it is amazing.

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