Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Monday!

What a slow going morning it has been and freezing! Well its a typical Monday for sure. Trying to get my self into work mode. it is really hard to do here sometimes because of you know who! I think i need to see a psychiatrist to figure out my problem with her. I am constantly telling my kids "worry about your self" why can I not follow my own advice?! I mean, Come on, I am a grown woman why does she get to me? So I have a few reasons I believe are my subconscious culprit.

1. she announced how much she gets paid. Who does this? Tell me one person who wasn't crunching those numbers in their head!
2. she is my age and still doesn't pay rent.
3. her ability to seem so busy when the boss walks through yet she is just on google chat. She always has a question ready too. My boss is to blame for this also. How can you not catch on after 3 years!!!!
4. Her horrible and when I say Horrible I mean HORRIBLE hygiene issues!! leaves dirty stuff everywhere!!

So these are just a few for now. I am going to continue to be pleasant for now I have to be, I have to feed my kids! Again, I do think this is a personal issue but i cant self diagnose myself. Until I can I will just have to believe it is all her and I'm a victim!!!

P.S. I am no longer allowed to get upset with my kids for loosing gloves for I have lost 3 pairs this month!

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