Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time to relax

What a busy day it has been!  I always love to make a big breakfast on Saturday mornings. Today I tried to poach an egg, well that didn't go very well.  I wasted a 1/2 dozen of eggs before i decided to just give up.  I'm going to have to re watch Julie &Julia again!

I decided to scrub down the stove while the girls were at Girl Scouts. But you know when you decide to totally clean something it becomes a huge mess before it actually gets clean.  Yes, one of those simple tasks that should take 20-30 minutes but end up to be 3 hours.  Because once i decided to clean the stove, i decided to organize the pan cabinet which turned into organizing the plastics, silverware, utensils, baking, food cabinets.  Oh, and the fridge. By the time I was suppose to pick up the girls, an hour and half later, I was only done with two cabinets!  The plan was to do my grocery shopping before the girls had batting practice but that wasn't going to happen because my kitchen looked like a hoarder lived there.  So I came home finished cleaning the cabinets, never getting to the stove!  At least I know where everything is now!

So on to batting practice.  My oldest is getting so good at her stance she is really going to be a power hitter.  Of course I'm bias.  She is going to have a great season and is moving up a league.

By that time,  3:30  I figured I should make dinner then get to the store before this big storm hit.  The last thing I want to do is go out tomorrow!  Luckily right after I finished dinner, 5:00,  I had an unexpected visitor.  My dad!  I quickly made him a plate so he could sit with the girls and jumped on the opportunity to go to the store alone! Yay!  I came home finished cleaning the fridge and put the groceries away.  I was just about to sit down when the baby came out and said, "mommy I didn't do anything." OK, we all know what this means, right?  So I get up go in the other room and it smelt like smoke.  "What happened!?"  " I don't know I was watching Max and Rubie and the T.V. went POOF!"  My dad came in and investigated and sure enough the T.V. went POOF!. Great. Just Great.

Now the girls are showering and my dad left. The rain just turned into what looks like a blizzard with the duration of my post. I never got to laundry but at least my kitchen is spotless!

Have a good night everyone!


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